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Get your Pastured Chicken while you can!

From the day they arrive as Chicks on our farm, our chickens are raised ethically and we truly let them live their best lives, with only one bad day, and that is processing day. They arrive, get put in our brooder for the first 4 weeks of their life. They get food, fresh water, grit,… Read More

2021 Kidding Season

Congratulations are in order for our sweet ladies here at Mountain Spring Homestead! Our 2021 kidding season was a success! 7 beautiful babies!

Getting Started with GOATS

So, you finally made the decision to add goats to your homestead! Congrats! I mean who does not want goats running around? They’re cute and entertaining and the BEST cuddlers! Goats however, are amazing escape artists and will eat those plants you finally brought back to life, so before you actually bring your adorable new… Read More

“Know your food, Know your farmer, and Know your kitchen” – Joel Salatin

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