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Happy Thanksgiving

We hope you get to spend time over a hot meal with everyone you hold close! For all of our friends! If you purchased a Turkey from us this year, please share your Pictures with us! We would love to post them on our socials for everyone to enjoy! Shoot us an email at Mountainspringhomestead@gmail.com…. Read More

Crazy weather

Did fall and winter already pass by and we missed it? It was 70 degrees today! We definitely got some much need tasks done on the farm today. Still have a few things to finish up, but thankful for a day like today! Our big task for next week is moving all of our layers… Read More

First snowfall of 2021.

Ready or not, winter is here… definitely not ready. We still have a few things to finish up before we are “ready” for snow. Although with the farm, I’m not sure if we are ever truly ready. We haven’t moved the chickens and rabbits to their winter resting spot yet (the greenhouse) and we haven’t… Read More

“Know your food, Know your farmer, and Know your kitchen” – Joel Salatin

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