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Free Range Eggs

Our ladies are free to roam our entire property each and everyday! Of course that does come with limitations. They must be at ALL times no matter what, accompanied by our guard Goose. No guard Goose, no free range. House rules. Our ladies are well cared for, they get scraps from us, Non GMO, Soy, Corn, and Drug free grain, and all the bugs they could possibly want to eat! This makes a hearty, healthy, clean, and happy bird.

$5 per Dozen. Local Only. Sorry, no shipping.

Pastured Chicken

Pasture raised and supplemented Non Gmo, Soy, Corn, and Drug free grain. Moved daily to fresh grass, where they can peck, scratch, and soak up the sunshine! This makes a tender and juicy Chicken that is PACKED full of flavor! Reserve now!

Freezer Ready, $5.99lb and a Discount if you purchase more than 10! No Shipping.

Pastured Chicken Feet

Chicken feet from Chickens raised on Pasture, Non GMO, Soy, Corn and Drug free grain! Perfect for making Chicken broth, or into Dog treats! Limited supply, Vacuum sealed in 2lb packages for $15 Local only.

Pasture Raised Rabbit

Rabbits are raised in small batches and moved twice a day to fresh pasture mix where they can forage what they like to eat. Since a rabbit can’t forage 100% of their diet we supplement them with a Non GMO, Corn, Soy, and Drug free Alfalfa pellet that they get free choice of!

Freezer Ready, $7.99lb Reserve now. No Shipping

Pastured Turkey

Currently all reserved for 2021.

Pasture raised and supplemented Non Gmo, Corn, Soy, and Drug free grain. Turkeys are raised in small batches in electric netting and moved daily to fresh pasture where they get all the fresh vegetation they want!

Freezer Ready, $5.99lb, Seasonal. No Shipping